F E R D Y N A N D  Z W E I G  T R A V E L  A W A R D

In 2013 Rosie and Cat were jointly awarded a Ferdynand Zweig scholarship for a research trip to the Venice Biennale.

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R I T U A L S  A R E  T E L L E R S  O F  U S

Rituals Are Tellers of Us was an exhibition co-curated with Rosie Leo and Keziah Hughes in collaboration with Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, whilst the curators were studying MA Curatorial Practice at Falmouth University. Ritual Are Tellers Of Us featured works by Lindsey Bull, Tereza Bušková, Matthew Cowan, Jeremy Deller, Hew Locke, Eleanor Moreton, Abigail Reynolds, Anna Sadler & Jon Greenland and Tim Shaw.

A feast of real, invented and re-made rituals, Rituals Are Tellers Of Us brought together works that take inspiration from rich folk traditions or acts with a strong sense of shared purpose such as protest.

Ritauls Are Tellers Of Us - Gallery views _DSC9742

P A R A M E T E R S  O F  T H E  D A R K

Parameters of the Dark was part of The Dark Rooms organised by Jesse Leroy-Smith for the Passmore Edwards building in Helston. It featured works by Falmouth University students; Karl Arbuthnot, Tom James Bond, Beatrice Brown, Tim Chandler, Kate Holford, Sam Hyde, Mark Messenger, Rhys Morgan, Ashley Sheekey, Joshua Smith, Frances Walsh and Ben Wayman.

Parameters with audience entrance to the caravan Parameters the dark rooms - tom bond