Goonhilly Village Green, 2019

Goonhilly Village Green was an experimental project led by artists Sara Bowler and Elizabeth Masterton and produced by Field Notes. In 2019, 8 artists were commissioned to work with partner organisations and a programme of talks and workshops took place in locations on the Lizard and in nearby towns, ahead of The Gathering, a village fete style event, on Goonhilly Village Green on 18th May.

The artists commissioned for Goonhilly Village Green in 2019 were:

James Hankey, who worked with Goonhilly Earth Station and the Goonhilly Heritage Society. Creating two new works Some pigeons are warmer than others and We are a satellite.

Beth Emily Richards, who worked with the Museum of Cornish Life in Helston and Hum choir in Penryn. Beth’s work Welcome (Sent Forever) featured a new song composed with Daisy Higman and Chris Mayoh, with lyrics written in collaboration with Hum. This was performed on a specially designed ‘welcome mat’ at solar noon on the Village Green.

Bram Thomas Arnold, who worked with the other commissioned artist to create Cardinal Points; A Goonhilly Green Show.

Phyllida Bluemel, who worked with the other commissioned artists to create The Goonhilly Chronicle.

Paul Chaney, who worked with Natural England. Paul’s work Lizard Exit Plan: Goonhilly Sector extended his research project Lizard Exit Plan based at Kestle Barton Gallery (2014-16) looking in closer detail at the metrics of survival within the specific environment of the Downs.

Rosanna Martin, who worked with Lizard Outreach Trust. Rosanna created the Lost Rock Library, which was open for submissions at the Museum of Cornish Life, Helston and Brickworks, Penryn and offered permanent loans on the Village Green.

Sara Bowler, who worked with Trelowarren Estate, creating new sound piece Thresholds, from her research into boundaries, particularly those between Trelowarren Estate and Goonhilly Downs.

Oliver Raymond Barker, who created a special camera obscura Conduit, which visitors to the Gathering could enter to experience specially framed views of the site.

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